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Bespoke roofing on house

Bespoke Residential and Standing Seam

Signati Ltd in Macclesfield provides top quality, tailor made roofing solutions.

Alternative standing seam system

Working closely with Pagurek we are able to offer an alternative standing seam system in various pan widths, all supplied and installed with product warranties of up to 60 years. This system provides the appearance of traditional zinc or lead using modern materials and coatings in a wide range of finishes.

Stylish roof and wall cladding

Matched with the brilliant Krop coated steel guttering we can provide stylish and distinctive roof and wall cladding perfectly installed by our team.

For all the details please visit the Pagurek website.

Roofing with cladding
Standing seam roofing

Standing seam options

We can offer many different profiles, in varying and combined depths and pan sizes, these also have optional strengthening stages. all profiles can be used on the roof and walls. 

Colours and coatings

We can offer a huge and varying range of colours, finishes and warranties with the Pagurek range, please contact us for more details.

bespoke Pagurek skylights
two storey building

Are you looking for bespoke residential roofing experts?

Contact Signati Ltd in Macclesfield and discover how we can be of benefit to you.

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