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Commercial roofing on Ford show room

Industrial Roofing and Cladding

Choose Signati Ltd in Macclesfield for quality steel roofing and cladding services.

Environmentally friendly roofing

Our core business is steel roofing and cladding; single skin, twin skin insulated built up systems and insulated composite panels. The range of finishes, profiles and designs is vast, all providing a long lasting, aesthetically appealing weatherproof building. We can supply and install products from all of the major manufacturers to include roof lights and safe access systems as required.

As well as containing recycled metals, all metal roofing and cladding is recyclable making it very environmentally friendly. Once correctly installed, metal roofs and walls are virtually maintenance free with the most durable finishes offering a warranty of 40+ years.

Range of Works

  • Composite roofing & cladding systems

  • Built up systems

  • Roof light replacement

  • Gutter replacement, repair and refurbishment

  • Replacement and safe removal of corrugated asbestos cement sheeting 

  • Over roofing existing roof and walls

  • Cut edge corrosion treatment and re-coating

  • Roofing & cladding dilapidation works

metal roofing macclesfield
metal clad building and crane

New build, replacement or refurbish

We can source our materials from many trusted suppliers and will always provide the most economical solutions. Coated steel sheets and panels come with varying warranties and can be installed to current thermal performance regulations in several ways where required. 


As well as new builds, metal roofing and cladding can be fully recoated or just have the laps and cut edges treated to extend its lifespan, be replaced with matching profiles or easily extended. 

Benefits of metal roofing

Combined with the correct insulation and good detailing, metal can be:



Fire retardant

An attractive covering to a residential property

Commercial met roof work
two storey building

Are you looking for metal roofing and cladding experts?

Contact Signati Ltd in Macclesfield and one of our experienced members of staff will help you.

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