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Roof refurbishments

Signati Ltd in Macclesfield is the company to call if you need a roof refurbishing. 

Planned remedial works

A new roof can be a daunting thought, and often the potential disruption can seem too much disturbance to a business. However, regular temporary or patch repairs to a problematic roof is never ending and once its lifetime is spent, these are generally an uneconomic solution.

With correct planning and safe methods of work it is possible to replace or refurbish your roof (including gutters and fascias) whilst full production continues below. Please contact us for advice, given free of charge, as there are many ways to improve the look and performance of your building, providing a better working environment, happier workforce and reduced heating and lighting costs – not to mention a modern impressive looking building for your customers. See our gallery for examples.

Roof refurbishment options

From simply replacing roof lights that will dramatically increase natural light to over roofing/cladding the whole building, the choices are endless to suit all budgets and include the following main options:

Overclad damaged and tired walls in architectural panels or trapezoidal sheets
Over roof options to ANY type of roof
Flat to pitch conversions
Flat roof over-roof

Replace any steel roof
Cold applied roof coatings
New gutters
New GRP roof lights
Rubberized gutter lining replacement

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Land remediation relief

Land Remediation Relief can provide tax relief in all commercial property sectors where companies are subject to corporation tax. Unlike Capital Allowances, Land Remediation Relief is available to property owners, investors and developers alike.

Qualifying costs include the removal or encapsulation of asbestos from buildings and relief can be available on developments and regeneration projects plus fit-outs and refurbishments. Contact us for further details.

Asbestos removal costs

The cost of asbestos removal from existing buildings can be set against company profits as tax relief, therefore if £20,000 is spent on removing asbestos, £30,000 can be deducted from taxable profits. Other parts of the process may also qualify, such as professional fees, preliminaries and survey fees.

In certain circumstances the cost of the new roof may also be included – we are just roofers, so we advise that anyone considering this speaks to their accountant to confirm the availability of the tax relief.

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Are you looking for roof refurbishment specialists?

Contact Signati Ltd in Macclesfield for more information and to discuss your options.

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